An analytical report on the article “The Concept of Bureaucracy an Empirical Assessment” by Richard H. Hall

In this paper, the concept of bureaucracy is processed by author. The author suggests that the bureaucratic concept is more empirically valid when approached in his manner, rather than assuming that organizations are totally bureaucratic or non-bureaucratic. The author emphasized that the concept of bureaucracy consist of series of dimensions which have the form of period.

While the paper, the author take place to studies of Gouldner, Udy, Weber and Friedrich. In addition to this, the author mentioned Weber’s the dimensional perspective in the paper. The author declared that Goulner and Udy refer that bureaucracy is a long existing continuum rather than being present or absent. Furthermore, Richard choose six dimensions similar to Udy’s seven characteristics to study.

The author point out two possible methods of dimensional measurement. First one is observing the actions of organizational participants and noting the incidence of the various types of activities associated with each dimension. Second is the use of interview responses from organizational participants. The author mentioned that he select the second method thanks to its greater simplicity and equal reliability. Moreover, in his study, the format of the Likert internal-consistency technique is used. Also, the Spearman rank-order correlation method is used to test the major hypothesis. The level of analysis is macro because of working on organizations.

Richard’s study has three conclusion. First, the bureaucratic dimensions are meaningful organizational structural attributes. Second, the dimensions exist in the form of continua rather than as dichotomies when measured quantitatively. Third, the magnitude of the dimensions varied independently in the organizations studied.

The independent variables are responses from organizational participants, selected dimensions of bureaucracy, six scales is developed and selected methods which are interview response method, the Likert internal-consistency technique and the Spearman rank-order correlation. The dependent variables are conclusions of Richard’s studies before I mention.

It is obvious that the bureaucracy is not a situation which is present or absent like electrical impulse. In the computer science, if there is electrical impulse on cable, it is interpreted to 1, if there is not, it is interpreted to 0. All 1’s and 0’s form of your data. There is not third condition. To sum up, the bureaucracy is defined as a condition that exists along a continuum.

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