An analytical report on the article “An Examination Of Alternative Forms Of Fit In Coningency Theory” by Robert Drazin and Andrew H. Van de Yen

a. What is the paper about? What are the goals of the paper? What is highlighted and which question is addressed?

In this paper, the authors present three concepts of fit to examine organizational performance results. These three concepts of fit: selection, interaction and systems approaches are compared using a contingency theory of work unit design. The authors looking for an explanation for the performance of organization units.

b. What is the main concept with which the paper concerns?

The paper concerns with an examination of three alternative form of fit in contingency theory based on empirical studies.

c. What is the dependent and independent variables (if empirical)?

There are many tables that show results of empirical tests. Independent variables are selection, interaction and system approaches. Dependent variables are concluding discussion ad many implications.

d. What is the level of analysis (macro, micro, group, individual etc.). What method was used?

The level of analysis is macro. Thanks to comparative studies are conducted that assess multiple versions of fit in a single database, an empirical understanding of the concept of fit is developed. The authors use complex, richer approaches to the analysis of fit to avoid the problems associated with earlier studies. Initially, the authors express what are selection, interaction and system approaches with details using comparison figures in initial views and current-future views. After that, they mention about context-structure relationship with deviating organization and a geometric representation of pattern analysis. Using empirical tests, the authors compare selection, interaction and systems approaches of fit of the contingency theory.

e. What is the gap/problem in OT that author intends to fill or answer?

The problem is that there are more than one fit approaches to get higher performance at organizations without knowing which one is better. The authors try to select best approach while comparing them using empirical test. We already know that the better the fit the higher the performance.

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